1.  Low oxygen and high clean steel with vacuum degassing.

2. This steel contains a lot of silicon and manganese other than normal steel.

And adds vanadium and lead. Charpy impact values are good. Mass effect is small, so large parts can be used.

3.  SMNV45TL is constant cross section hardness more than quenching  S45C(JIS).

4.  Organization of quenching carbon steel is sorbite. But organization of SMNV45TL is ferrite and pearlite.

So easy-cutting and mass effect is good.

It is more easy-cutting because adding lead. It is constant cross section.So machinability is stable.

5. Proof stress and elongation of SMNV45TL are slightly inferior more than S45C (JIS).

Tensile strength of SMNV45TL is higher than S45C(JIS).

6. You can eliminate thermal distortion of quenching S45C (JIS), because hardness can be obtained only from the air cooling after rolling.

7. Hardness is HRC 23-28.

Specializing in supplying JIS SMnV45TL products with Japan standard


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