JIS SKD 61 Tool Steel

Product: JIS SKD 61 or Equivalent

Kategory: Hot Work Tool Steel

Kami menjual JIS SKD 61 tool steel Round Bar dan Plate.Tersedia Roundbar : Ø 10 mm – 303 mm, Square : 10 mm – 100 mm, Plate/Flat Thk : 10 -100 mm Width : 25-1000 mm.
High temperature wear resistance and ductility, good heat conductivity, low susceptibility to hot cracks, Good Creep resistance.

Among the alloy tool steels, the so called hot work die steel (JIS name is SKD61) is being used as the material for the cavity or the core. It is also considered precious as a material for thin core pins because it has a relatively high hardness, withstands wear, and also has relatively high resistance to shock.

In order to bring out its excellent characteristics, SKD61 needs quenching, and after quenching, it is tempered to stabilize the metallographic texture and to improve its toughness. However, since it is known that depending on the conditions of tempering SKD61 causes change of dimensions and reduction of hardness, unforeseen failures can result if the tempering is done without understanding this trend. Therefore, in this course, the tempering characteristics of SKD61 are explained below.

Reduction in the hardness due to tempering

The hardness of SKD61 decreases in various cases by tempering after it is quenched. For example, if a material quenched at 1030°C is tempered, the following changes occur depending on the tempering temperature. (The following data is an actual example, and there will be changes depending on the size of the work and the plate thickness.)

Before quenching 63.5HRC
Tempering at 200°C 59.5HRC
Tempering at 500°C 59HRC
Tempering at 600°C 33.5HRC

Therefore, since the hardness decreases suddenly if the tempering is done at an unnecessarily high temperature, care should be taken when resistance to wear is necessary.

Changes in the dimensions due to tempering

The external dimensions of the work change, when SKD61 is tempered after it is quenched. Depending on the tempering temperature, the external dimensions can become larger or smaller. If additional machining is not to be done after tempering, it is necessary to carry out the machining work before quenching taking into considerations the change in the dimensions after tempering.

Example: Quenching at 1030°C
Tempering at 200°C +0.03%
Tempering at 500°C ±0%
Tempering at 520°C −0.01%
Tempering at 600°C +0.05%
Thyssen 2344, DIN X40CrMoV51, AISI H13, JIS SKD 61, BOHLER W302 SUPERIOR®
Roundbar : Ø 10 mm – 303 mm
Square : 10 mm – 100 mm
Plate/Flat Thk : 10 -100 mm
Width : 25-1000 mm
Supplied Condition: Annealed
Chemical composition: ( % )
C : 0.35-0.40
Si: 0.80-1.20
Mn: 0.25-0.40
Cr: 4.80-5.50
Mo: 1.25-1.50
V : 0.85-1.15
Mechanical Properties
Hardening Temp : 820 – 850 C
Ouenching Medium : Oil
Hardness as Supplied :

Extrusion mandrel, press and forging dies, moulds for pressure casting low density metals, ejector pins, Universal hot work tool steel,etc

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