Jual 201 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 201 was developed originally to conserve nickel. It provides properties similar to Type 301 and can be used in most applications for Type 301. This alloy is non-magnetic in the annealed condition but slightly magnetic when cold worked. Excellent toughness at low temperatures. Typical uses include appliances, restaurant equipment, cooking utensils, sinks, automotive trim, architectural applications such as windows and doors, railway cars, trailers and hose clamps.

200 Series—austenitic chromium-nickel-manganese alloys

Type 201—austenitic that is hardenable through cold working
Type 202—austenitic general purpose stainless steel

Stainless steel 201 Sheet
Stainless steel 201 Plate
Stainless steel 201 Rod
Stainless steel 201 Tube
Stainless steel 201 Pipe
Stainless steel 201 Channel

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