Plat Deemex


DEEMEX Plates reduce maintenance and operating costs providing longer service life. The production line is suited in Greece (EU).We assure quality by analyzing the microstructure and chemical composition in every batch. All the production is fully automated and all raw materials are checked for purity and test certificates.

The finished product is checked for composition, carbide content, tolerances, crack dimension and straightness from fully equipped testing lab.

We deliver DEEMEX Plates with all certificates DIN 50049-2.2 for coating and EN 10204:2004-3.1 for base plates, according to EN ISO 9001:2008.

The newest production line of DEEMEX Plates employs PLC controlled systems ensuring uniform coating bead width and various welding shape imprints.

DEEMEX Plates outlast in high abrasion applications quench and tempered steels by up to 9 times and up to 42 times mild steel according to ASTM G65 -00 standard testing.

DMX 100
Mn, B, Mo, Fe
DMX 105
Mn, B, Mo, Fe
DMX 110
Mn, B,  Mo, Fe
The Wear Plate Series (DMX100, DMX105, DMX110)
comes with Standard Base Material.
Steel Plate Product:

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  4. […] Plat Deemex […]

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