Jual AISI 1045


AISI 1045 steel is typical for flame hardening, and can produce a surface hardness of 500 BHN to a depth of 0.10 in this applies particularly to shafts and gears

Equivalent AISI 1045
Thyssen 1191, DIN CK45/C45, ASSAB 760, EMS45, JIS S45C
Round bar, Flat
Chemical Composition
C : 0.43 – 0.50
Mn : 0.60 – 0.90
P : 0.040 (Max)
S : 0.050 (Max)
Mechanical Properties
Hardening Temp : 820 – 850 C
Ouenching Medium : Water/ Oil
Hardness as Supplied : 170 – 220 BHN
Tensile Strength : 60 – 80 Kgf/mm2
Sizes Available : 6mm – 400mm
Axles, Shafts, Pins, Fasteners and all kinds of moderately stressed components for general mechanical engineering

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